I’m on a boat!

There is an irony to blogging – when all you do is sit at home and blog, you run out of interesting things to write about, but once you get out of the house and adventure, you run out of time to sit at home and blog. Such is my dilemma. I go through bouts of hermit-like behavior, followed by 5 day social binges. During the down time I think to myself, ‘Now would be a great time to write, but what could I possibly write about?’. Conversely, when I’m out and about, I think, ‘This will be great to blog about! When can I squeeze in time to write?’. Plus, now I’m faced with what exactly I should choose to write about out of all of the fun things that I’ve been doing…

I seem to be spending a lot of time at the Ferry Building lately. I can hear the groans already- another post about the damn Ferry Building? Get some new material!– but rest assured, that’s not where I’m going with this. Last week, I finally decided to get off my couch and take a mini vacation to Napa to get some Vitamin D and see friends. Having lost my ZipCard, I decided it was about time I took my first ferry ride. Of course, this meant yet another trip to the Ferry Building, but that part of the story ends there. If you’ve never taken the ferry from San Francisco to Vallejo or vise versa, you are missing out. Not only is it cheap ($13 one way), but also enjoyable. It’s not just another dirty vessel carting commuters and tourists back and forth, but a really fun boat trip through the bay.  First and foremost, it’s surprisingly clean and comfortable. There is plenty of leg room no matter where you are, the seats have enough room between them, and there’s even a tray table and free Wi-Fi if you want to set up shop and do work or facebook stalk.

Once you’re settled in and the boat has made it’s way out of the “No Wake” zone, you can hit up the snack bar, stocked with breakfast pastries and coffee for the early-risers and chips and soda for the afternoon crowd. Oh- and did I mention they sell booze? That’s right- you too can drink some crisp Santana champ while sporting your nautical themed Pashmina Afghan. And on nice days you can even sit up top on the back deck, hair whipping in the wind, arms spread wide like Jack and Rose. (You can sit there on not-nice days too, but why would you want to?)

The view is pretty great too. Sure, when you initially pull out of the port in Vallejo, it’s not exactly picturesque-a lot of industrial buildings and ugly apartment complexes- but once you get on the road (so to speak) the scenery is pretty gorgeous. It gets better the closer you are to the city- green hills, sailboats and the occasional “cliff”-side mansion. The view you really don’t want to miss is that of the city as you pass Alcatraz. The panorama before you of the Piers spread across the edge of the city, with a backdrop of hills covered in colorful buildings, dotted with skyscrapers and high rises is breathtaking. I don’t know that the honeymoon can ever be over with a sight like that every time you come back to the city.  I think I’ll be leaving town more often, just so I can come back again.


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